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At Stitches USA, sewing isn't just our passion, it's in our blood. Located in the heart of Amish country in Walnut Creek, Ohio our heritage compels us to produce quality sewn products at a great price right here in the USA.

Drawing on hundreds of years of sewing tradition, our skilled seamstresses precisely sew each of your stitches with pride! Your next project will be sewn on quality sewing machines and equipment to ensure a high quality, reliable product every time.

We produce hundreds of thousands of American flags per week, so your large sewing project is easy for us to handle. Our capacity gives us flexibility in handling any size project ranging from flags, to banners, to umbrellas.

  • Stiching
    • Lock Stitch
    • Single and Double Stitch
    • Surge Stitching
  • Materials
    • Thin Polyester
    • Cotton
    • 1/8" Nylon
    • Kevlar
    • Tarps
    • Canvas
  • Equipment
    • Singer Industrial Sewing Machines
    • Juki Industrial Sewing Machines
    • Brother Industrial Sewing Machines


At Stitches USA, we are not just a sewing company. Our assembly division was established in January 2011. Since then we produce an average of three million hardware and component packs every year--that is more than 57,000 a week!

Our workforce is fast and efficient at assembling poly-bagged items on automated machines.

We have vast capabilities being able to package anything from hardware packs, to plastic component packs, and flags.

  • Capabilities
    • Fast pace production
    • Quality process in place
  • Materials
    • Poly bags size ranging from 3"x3" and up
    • Kevlar
    • Tarps
    • Canvas
  • Equipment
    • T1000 Baggers
    • AB 180 Baggers
    • PS 125 Baggers
    • Hand Heat Sealers
    • Hand Tape Sealers


Not only do we manufacture products, but we also package them. Whether it is in corrugated boxes, individual polybags, or bulk packaged into gaylords for individual packaging later, we can do it all.

We have shipping docks at our facility that make orders easy to load and unload. We can directly ship to various customers or to a different facility. Let us help you get your products packaged and in customers' hands.

  • Capabilities
    • Direct ship to customer
    • Daily pick ups
    • Individual or bulk packaging
  • Materials
    • Corrugated packaging
    • Polybags
    • Padded envelopes
  • Equipment
    • Gaylords
    • Pallets
    • Heat and hand sealers


If you are producing a product that needs grommets, we are capable to do that here at Stitches USA, LLC. We are equipped with both automated and manual hand presses to fulfill various jobs.

There is no limit to what we are able to grommet: a large range of material from nylon to poly cotton, webbing, curtains, plastic, and backpacks.

Combining our highly trained and experienced workforce with a laser eye located in the automated press, we are able to guarantee precision and accuracy every time.

  • Capabilities
    • Large range of materials
  • Materials
    • Brass grommets
    • Stainless steel grommets
    • Aluminum grommets
  • Equipment
    • opevi 239
    • APR #2 Hand Press


We are always up for a challenge at Stitches. If you have a miscellaneous project that requires pleating, let us do that for you.

We have specially built equipment that is specifically designed for pleating. This equipment provides crisp, clean folds every time.

  • Capabilities
    • Large range of material
  • Materials
    • Poly cotton
    • Nylon
  • Equipment
    • Specially built equipment